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Complete connectivity, remote control,
file transfer and synchronization

  • Transfer Files
  • Complete Connectivity
  • Versatile PC to PC Connections
  • Remote Control
  • Automatic and Fast Synchronization
  • High Security and Authentication
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Key Features

File Transfer

File Transfer

Using Laplink's patented Speedsync technology, you get the fastest transfer because it only sends the changed portion of the file.

Complete Connectivity

Complete Connectivity

Allows safe and simple connections through most firewalls and routers, without any special configuration, opening any special ports or compromision security.

Versatile PC-to-PC Connections

Versatile PC-to-PC Connections

Connect your PCs over the internet, TCP/IP network or with the included high-speed USB 2.0 cable.

Remote Control

Remote Control

Remotely control, operate, maintain, reconfigure and even restart any server or PC.

Automatic and Fast Synchronization

Automatic and Fast Synchronization

Set up a schedule to keep folders and OCs synchronized automatically and use SmartXchange® to perform on-demand synchronizations.

High Security and Authentication

High Security and Authentication

Users have a choice of Microsoft® or Laplink user authentication, multi-level encryption and Microsoft CryptoAPI support, plus lockout password protection and platform compatibility.

Remotely control and interact with your PC with the newest edition of Laplink Gold. Updated for Windows 7, now quickly and easily connect your PCs safely and securely across multiple operating systems (Windows 7, Vista or XP) and control remotely, transfer files, run ad-hoc or scheduled synchronization jobs, and much more.

Simple to set up and use, Laplink Gold for Windows 7 automatically connects through firewalls and proxy servers and features a full complement of remote support tools.

New in Laplink Gold for Windows 7
NEW! Fully compatible with Windows 7
NEW! Fully compatible with 64-bit operating systems
NEW! Updated Remote Control with screen sharing
NEW! Native Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol works even for PCs without Terminal Services (e.g. Windows 7 Home Premium, Vista Home, XP Home)

Connect PCs Safely and Securely
Connect your PC's using a variety of connection methods:
Laplink USB 2.0 for the fastest possible transfer speeds
Across a network, home or business, even wireless
Across the internet, through firewalls and routers automatically with no special configuration*

Laplink Gold for Windows 7 is the latest version in the family of products including Laplink 2000, Laplink Pro, Laplink Tech, Laplink Gold 11.5, Laplink Gold 12 and Laplink Gold 2008.

Offering unbeatable features, performance and price, Laplink Gold for Windows 7 provides all the advanced connectivity tools needed for your PCs.




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Laplink's PCmover Helps Windows 8 Migrations

PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant allows users to move selected programs, files and settings from a Windows 7 or Windows 8 machine into a new machine running Windows 8. Laplink has had an earlier version that was very useful in Windows 7 migrations from XP. You can watch a short video of mine... read more »

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Ease the transition to Windows 8 with PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant

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Got A New Computer? Oh, Joy, Now You Get To Spend Days Setting It Up! Or Do You?

Lets face it, getting a new computer is a double edged sword.  You get the latest or greatest computer, or at least better then what you had…. But know you have to not only get all your data off your old computer and onto your new computer.  Along with all... read more »

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Laplink Announces PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant Release

Developer Laplink Software Inc. has announced its pending release of PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant. The official release will be this week, on Jan. 5. Based on Laplink’s migration product, PCmover Windows 8 Beta Assistant is designed to automatically move files, settings, user accounts,... read more »

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Laplink is Releasing a Free Migration Toll for Windows 8 Beta

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Documentation & Requirements for Laplink Gold


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 | Vista | XP | Server 2003 & 2008
  • 500 megahertz (MHz) processor or higher
  • At least 64 megabytes (MB) of RAM; more memory generally improves responsiveness
  • 65 MB of available hard disk space (for a complete installation)
  • VGA or higher resolution monitor
  • Keyboard and mouse required for server installations

What You Should Know

PCs running Windows 98 SE, Me or 2000 require Laplink Gold 2008 which can be purchased separately here.

PCs running Windows 98 First Edition or 95 require Laplink Gold 11.5 which must be purchased separately.

¹ Cable not included with upgrades.
² The Laplink Internet Connectivity service is provided free of charge for one (1) year from the registration date.

Current Offers for DiskImage

Laplink DiskImage and Laplink Defrag

Get Laplink DiskImage and Laplink Defrag


Regularly $70 – SAVE $20!

Laplink DiskImage and Laplink PCsync

Get Laplink DiskImage and Laplink PCsync


Regularly $80 – SAVE $20!

Laplink DiskImage and PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant

Get DiskImage and PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant


Regularly $70 – SAVE $20!

  • PCmover® Still the Only Complete Solution for Windows® Upgrades
    Jun 1, 2012 - When Microsoft® releases Windows 8, many existing users will face a significant challenge in how to upgrade. PCmover is the solution.
  • PCmover to be Given Away for Free in Commemoration of 29 Years of Quality Software
    May 14, 2012 - As part of the ‘Laplink Turns 29 Giveaway’, PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant will be free for all visitors.
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