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Troubleshooting connection problems using the Laplink Easy Transfer Cable


This may be caused by having two different drivers loaded so the software cannot properly communicate with the other computer.


If you are NOT using the Laplink Easy Transfer Cable, you will need to follow the directions in Article 1058: USB cable troubleshooting for the Gold & Silver Laplink USB cables on all supported Laplink products.

First thing is to make sure you are using the newest version of the Laplink product on each computer. You may need to download the product on one computer and copy that download file to the other computer using some other method (burn to CD/DVD, USB drive, external hard drive, etc). Use the Check for Updates feature in the product or register the product into your Laplink My Support Account ( and obtain a fresh copy from your Laplink My Downloads page:

Close the Laplink product on both computers and make sure the Laplink Easy Transfer Cable is plugged into both computers.
Open the Windows Device Manager. See Technical Document # 359: How to Open Windows Device Manager

You should find the cable listed as one of the following two items:
A Windows Easy Transfer Cable in the Laplink USB Devices section

A USB Easy Transfer Cable in the Transfer Cable Devices section

To begin with we want them to both use the Windows Easy Transfer Cable entry in the Laplink USB Devices section. If one or both computers are not using that, then update them to use the Windows Easy Transfer Cable as directed in the Update USB Driver section of this article.

Once both computers are using the Windows Easy Transfer Cable driver, try establishing the connection again.

If you are still unable to connect, and both computers are running either Windows XP or Windows Vista, then we can try using another set driver for the cable. You will need to insert the CD into each computer and install the Windows Easy Transfer Wizard from the CD. Once that is done, close your Laplink product on both computers and follow the directions in the Update USB Drivers section on both computers, selecting the USB Easy Transfer Cable option this time. Once the drivers are updated on both computers, then try the connection again.

If you are still not able to connect or you are unable to update the drivers properly, the following web document will provide instructions to manually remove the USB drivers and reinstall them: Technical Document # 1054: How to manually remove Laplink USB driver information from the computer

Update USB Driver

  1. Double-click on the driver
  2. Click on the Driver tab
  3. Click on the Update Driver button
  4. If asked, do not allow Windows to connect to the Internet.
  5. Choose the option to Update from a List or Specific location.
  6. Select the Manual update option. This is normally near the bottom of the screen and will note to select from a LIST or “I will choose”. See the following screen shot for an example on Windows XP.
    If Windows does not show the Laplink cable on this list or it is asking you for a section (Win98SE or WinME usually), then click the Have Disk Button (you may need to select any section and click Next first) and point it to the appropriate folder for the driver:
    - The location to select depends on your Laplink product:
    --- MoveMe: C:\Program Files\Spearit\Move Me\USBDriver
    --- FileMover: C:\Program Files\Laplink FileMover
    --- Laplink Gold: C:\Program Files\Laplink Gold
    --- PCsync 5: C:\Program Files\Laplink\PCsync\USBDrivers
    --- PCmover: C:\Program Files\Laplink\PCmover\USBDrivers
    ------ PCmover Note: If you are using either of the Silver USB cables and you are only able to find a LaplinkUSB folder instead of the USBDriver folder, you have an older version of PCmover. Please cancel the update driver wizard, uninstall PCmover using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, download & install a fresh copy from your My Downloads page (, and start the driver update wizard again or use the Repair function noted at the beginning of this article.

  7. Select the appropriate cable from the List and complete the Wizard.

    Once the Update Driver Wizard has completed, the Device Manager should now have the appropriate driver as listed above in this article.


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