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How can I establish a “Direct” connection when my PC and the other person’s PC are both behind an external firewall or router?


When both you and the person you want to connect with are behind an external firewall or router, ShareDirect will automatically establish a “Premium” connection. However, you may be able to turn your “Premium” connection into a “Direct” connection by manually reconfiguring your external firewall or router.

In order to do this, you will have to set up “port forwarding” on your router so that all ShareDirect data is automatically sent to the computer on which ShareDirect is installed. The procedure for port forwarding is different for every router. We suggest that you carefully read the user guide for your router.

You can also visit This site offers information on how to configure port forwarding on a variety of commercially available routers.

You can try to set up port forwarding using the following basic steps:

  1. On the computer you want to configure port forwarding to, log off of ShareDirect.
  2. Ensure that your ShareDirect computer has a static IP (Internet Protocol) address. Usually, computers protected by routers are set up to receive their IP addresses dynamically. This means that the computer’s IP can change without warning. A static IP address will ensure that your computer’s IP will not change. Again it is suggested that you visit and read the section on how to set up a static IP on your computer.
  3. Connect and log in to your router. Normally this is accomplished through your Internet browser. You will need an account (username and password) that allows full access to your router’s administrative features.
  4. Browse to the “port forwarding” page. This may be a page named “port forwarding” or it may be a subset of another page in your router’s administrative console.
  5. Configure port forwarding on port 2705. Ensure that all traffic arriving on port 2705 is forwarded to the static IP of the ShareDirect computer. For example, if the static IP of the ShareDirect computer is, all traffic on port 2705 must be forwarded to this IP address.

Note: Port forwarding can only be enabled for one computer per port. If there are multiple computers running ShareDirect behind the same router, one only computer will be able to establish a Direct connection after port forwarding is set up.

You may also need to configure your firewall to allow traffic on port 2705 and may need to configure it to allow the ShareDirect application itself to access the internet.

Product: ShareDirect
KB: 255  Last updated: Feb 11, 2005

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