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How do I transfer via the Files method?


In order to obtain the latest version of PCmover, you will want to download and install PCmover on both computers from your registered products download list in your My Support account. Serial numbers from physical copies of PCmover will work on the newer downloaded version.

NOTE: For transfers via Files, the “ Preparing the New PC for Migration ” section is optional (you do not need to do this step). It may reduce the size of the MovingVan file, if you do. You will need to skip these steps if you do not have access to the New computer at this time - Example: doing a new install of Windows on the computer and upgrading via PCmover.

Follow all instructions in the latest version of the PCmover Quick Start Guide with the following modifications:

Preparing the New PC for Migration:

4) Choose the Using a File Storage Device option and click Next .
4a) Leave the selection on the “ Migrate using a snapshot ” entry.
4b) Enter a folder and file path in the Snapshot: field. This will need to be a location that you can find in order to copy the file to the Old computer.
NOTE: We recommend that you keep the .pcs file extension at the end of it.

5) Follow the directions in the Quick Start Guide
6) PCmover will take some time to create the SnapShot file in the location you specified above. This process may take a few minutes.
7) Once it has completed, click on the Cancel button and allow PCmover to close out at this point.
8) Go to Old Computer screen: Copy the SnapShot file (from the location you saved it) to the Old computer or move the removable drive to the Old computer now. This copy will need to be done by you using some other method.

Preparing the Old PC for Migration:

6) Select the Using a File Storage Device option and click Next.

6a) If you skipped the Preparing the New PC for Migration section, select the “ Skip this step. Migrate without a snapshot ” option, click Next , and skip to step 9 on page 6 of the Quick Start Guide .
6b) If you created a SnapShot file, then type in the path or use the Browse button to find the SnapShot file and click Next .
7 - 18) Follow the directions in the Quick Start Guide .
19a) On the Identify MovingVan File Name screen, enter the path and filename to store the MovingVan and click Next . You can use the Browse button to locate the proper location, if needed.
NOTE: The MovingVan file(s) will be very large. Be sure there is enough free space in the destination location to hold it all.

19b) PCmover will create one or more MovingVan files. On the Specify File Size screen, you can adjust the size of each of these files so that they can be created to fit on CDs, DVDs, or other smaller removable media (USB pen drives, etc). You will want to make sure the file size here is small enough to fit onto the target media. We do not recommend increasing the size beyond about 4GB (4,000 MB).
If checked, the “ Notify me after creating each portion ” box will cause PCmover to let you know before starting the next file in the series. This gives you the chance to swap disks or copy earlier files over to free up space before making the next file.

20) Follow the directions in the Quick Start Guide .
21) Skipped for this migration type.
22) Follow the directions in the Quick Start Guide .

Unpacking onto the New computer

NOTE: This is a new section that is not in the Quick Start Guide.
1) Copy the MovingVan file(s) to the New computer.
2) Run PCmover on the New computer, selecting New computer and Using a File Storage Device .
3) On the Take Computer Snapshot screen, select the Skip this step. I already have or do not want a snapshot .
4) On the Go to Old Computer screen, click Next .
5) On the Locate Moving Van screen, enter the path to the MovingVan file(s) or browse to the location of the MovingVan file(s).

6) If you did not use a SnapShot, then select the appropriate options for the Map User and Map Drives screens (See steps 10 and 11 of the Preparing the Old PC for Migration … section of the PCmover Quick Start Guide – Page 6).
7) On the Ready to Start - Unload Moving Van screen, click Next .
8) PCmover will now unload the MovingVan file(s) onto the New computer. This may take as long or longer as it did to create the MovingVan. It will prompt you for the next file if needed so you can swap discs or copy over the next file.
9) Skip the Finishing on the New PC section of the Quick Start Guide and continue with the Choose Your Startup Options on the New PC section.

Product: PCmover
KB: 377  Last updated: Feb 27, 2007

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