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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


What is the LapLink Everywhere E-Fax service?


Use LapLink Everywhere e-fax services to send e-faxes from a standard browser.

What can I FAX?

You can fax any file on the LapLink Everywhere host computer.

Are there any requirements?

LapLink Everywhere formats and addresses your fax and then hands it off to your e-mail client to deliver. Thus, you must have Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express installed and configured on the LapLink Everywhere host computer.

Note that you can send faxes with LapLink Everywhere using a third-party fax transport (such as the Microsoft Fax Mail transport) configured in your e-mail client, or using an Internet e-fax service such as eFax. If you use a fax transport, you must configure it separately from LapLink Everywhere. If you use an e-fax service, you must have a valid account with that service.

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