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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


How do I install the Laplink Everywhere host on my computer?


Install Laplink Everywhere on each computer you want to access over the Internet from a browser. The Setup program (available on a distribution CD or the Laplink web site) uses standard, self-explanatory wizards that guide you through the installation and configuration - just follow the directions on the screen.

When prompted, be sure to create a unique User Name and Password that the setup program can register with the secure Laplink web Site. Once registered, the User Name and Password uniquely identify you and the computers associated with you to the secure Laplink servers. If you install Laplink Everywhere on more than one computer, be sure to use the same User Name and Password each time.

Note: Your Laplink Everywhere Username and Password are not case sensitive. For example, johnq is interpreted the same as JohnQ.

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