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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


I just purchased a subscription to the Laplink Everywhere service and it still appears to be a trial version. How do I move from a 15-day trial to a subscription?


When the 15-day trial expires, and you purchase a Laplink Everywhere subscription, there is no need to reinstall the software or create a separate Laplink Everywhere account. All that is required is that you enter in your new serial numbers into your existing account.

For instructions on how to enter in your serial numbers please see: FAQ #40 Where do I enter my LapLink Everywhere serial number(s)?

For online purchases, these serial numbers were sent to you in an order confirmation e-mail from Element 5, our online store. If you did not receive an order confirmation e-mail, you can obtain your serial numbers from your Laplink My Downloads page Alternately, you may contact 1-724-850-4689 or 1-800-406-4966.

For boxed purchases, your serial numbers are located on the CD sleeve.

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