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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


Installing Google Remote Desktop Search on your Host PC from a remote location.


Remote Desktop Search allows you to search your host PC for files or emails as easily as if you were sitting at your PC.
To use Remote Desktop Search, it is necessary to first install Google’s Remote Desktop Search for Laplink Everywhere on your host PC. To download and install the Desktop Search tools, go to Start -> Programs -> Laplink Every­where, and click on Download Google Desktop Search. Follow the installation instructions to enable Google Desktop Search for use with Laplink Everywhere. Restart your PC if requested.
But even if you didn’t install Remote Desktop Search when you were at your PC, you can install it on your host PC remotely through your Laplink Every­where Remote Control connection.

To install Remote Desktop Search from a remote location:
  1. Under Remote Control, click Start.
  2. Create a Remote Control connection using the option of your choice, logging in with your user name and password.
  3. Once connected, on the host PC, click on Start -> Programs -> Laplink Everywhere -> Download Google Desk­top Search.
  4. Follow the installation instructions to enable Google Desk­top Search for use with Laplink Everywhere. This may take between a few minutes to hours to index your PC and be ready to use, depending on your PC.
  5. When ready, return to your main LLE screen.
  6. Click on Desktop Search under Utilities to search for files, emails and more on your host PC.

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