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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


I just upgraded from Laplink Everywhere 3.0 to 4. When I go to use my Laplink Secure VNC, it says my time has expired. What's up?


Laplink Everywhere 4 offers Unlimited Remote Control, which includes new, more powerful remote control options, and even allows you to run Laplink Everywhere 4 as a service. If you have recently upgrade to Laplink Everywhere 4, and have a subscription to Laplink Secure VNC, a new serial number has been placed in your My Support account on This serial number will need to be manually entered in your account to activate your Unlimited Remote Control in Laplink Everywhere 4. To enable Unlimited Remote Control for Laplink Everywhere 4:
  1. Click on this link: Laplink My Support Account - My Downloads page (
  2. If asked, log into your Laplink My Support Account. In order to do this, enter the e-mail address you used to create the My Support Account, your password, and click the Log In button.

  3. Note: If you've forgotten the password to your My Support Account, use the password retrieval tool to have your password sent to you.
  4. You should see "LLE 4.0 Single SN RC Annual" or something similar. The main thing to look for is RC, as that indicates that this is a Remote Control product.
  5. A serial number appears next to this Product name. This is the serial number you need to activate Remote Control. Write this serial number on a piece of paper.

  6. Note: A download button is available to the right. This is a download of Laplink Everywhere 4. If you have already installed LLE 4, there is no need to download and install.
  7. Now log into your Laplink Everywhere account (
  8. Click on the My Accounts tab near the top of the page.
  9. Under the RC Serial # column (Remote Control) click on the Enter Serial # button.
  10. Enter your Remote Control Serial number here. Click Submit, then Submit again when asked to confirm.
  11. Your unlimited Remote Control serial number is now entered, and you should have full, unlimited use of Laplink Everywhere Remote Control.

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