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Laplink Gold 12 - FAQ's


How do I remove a computer from my Laplink Internet account?


  1. In Laplink Gold 12, click on Help -> Manage My Laplink Internet Account or go directly to http:/
  2. Log into the Laplink Internet web page in order to manage your account
  3. Click on the My Accounts tab
  4. Click the Modify button next to the computer you are wanting to remove
  5. Click the Remove button
  6. Click Yes to confirm the removal of that computer account
  • You will not be able to remove an account if it has a Laplink Internet license assigned to it. You will need to Unlicense the account before you can remove it.
  • Once the account is removed, you will no longer be able to connect to the computer that is associated with this account. That computer will have to be re-associated in order to allow a connection via Laplink Internet. For instructions on how to do this see FAQ 177

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