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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


I have my PC set up with Laplink Everywhere, but I just got a new PC. How can I move my LLE account to my new PC?


First, you will need the Laplink Everywhere setup file avail­able on the PC where you want LLE installed. You can copy your previously downloaded copy to the new PC, or down­load it from your My Downloads page ( Next, you can install and run the 15-day LLE trial on as many machines as you like. If you've purchased LLE, you were sent a serial number for your LLE account. This serial number must be entered to set your LLE license and use your LLE account past the 15-day trial. Once your PC is licensed, this license links your PC to the license. You must Unlicense your PC to move the license to another computer. To change your LLE license, follow these steps :
  1. Go to on the PC where you want to begin using LLE.
  2. Log into your LLE account using your User Name and Password.
  3. Click on My Account at the top.
  4. Next to the Old computer account, click the Unlicense button, under PC Licenses. This will unlink this license from the PC to which it it was originally linked.
  5. Click Submit to confirm Unlicensing your PC.
  6. Next to the new computer, click on the Set License button under the PC Licenses column.
  7. Enter your license number and click Submit.
  8. You may need to repeat the above steps 4 thru 4 for the RC License column in order to transfer your Remote Control license.
Your PC license has been removed from your original PC, and is now set up on your current PC.

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