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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


How does Laplink Everywhere work?


Laplink Everywhere is simple and secure. When you install it on a computer with a live Internet connection, you register a unique user name and password with a secure Laplink web site. Each time you start Laplink Everywhere and leave it running on your desktop, it opens and maintains a secure, persistent connection to the Laplink server. If you are not sure whether or not Laplink Everywhere has established that connection, take a look at the Laplink Everywhere log. Click the All Activity icon in the console tree, and make sure the connection status is listed as Working.

When you want to access the remote Laplink Everywhere host from your browser go to,, and log in using the username and password you created when you installed the software on your Laplink Everywhere host computer. Once logged in to the secure Laplink web site it uses its connection to the remote Laplink Everywhere host to establish the link for you.

If the Laplink Everywhere computer is behind a firewall, you can still access the computer from a browser anywhere on the Internet. Why? Because your Laplink Everywhere host establishes an outgoing connection through the firewall to a secure Laplink server, which can then use that connection to send and retrieve data such as e-mail messages and files.

To secure your data, Laplink Everywhere uses 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and accepts connections only from other Laplink Everywhere sources that can authenticate with a valid user name and password.

To ensure your privacy, Laplink Software does not disclose any information about any Laplink Everywhere user to any third party. Moreover, we do not store any user data on our servers. Instead, our servers request information from your computer, which responds with specially formatted data that our servers convert to data appropriate for your display device. In other words, our servers only retain your information for the few milliseconds it takes to generate data your browser can display.

On the browser side, no information about the Laplink Everywhere host computer is cached, and the browser is instructed to set the cache to "private" so that no other users can access your information.

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