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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


Iím trying to connect, but my PC has an X through it, and I canít see anything.


When you connect to Laplink Everywhere you see your PC with an X through it, your PC is not available. If your PC isnít running or is locked up for some reason, or it is running but has no current connection to the inter≠net you would see the Laplink Everywhere host PC as unavail≠able. If youíve confirmed that those arenít the reasons, the main reason would be that the Laplink Everywhere host software is not currently running on your host PC, which would make your PC unavailable for remote connections. On your remote PC, make sure that the Laplink Everywhere host software is running. You can choose to run the LLE Host as a service, to run at Windows startup, or run it manu≠ally. Once the host is running, you should be able to con≠nect.

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