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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


I forgot my Laplink Everywhere password. Is there anything I can do?


Even if you’ve forgotten your Laplink Everywhere password, we can still help you connect:
  1. First, go to At the Laplink Everywhere login, click on the link that reads “Forgot Your Password?
  2. The next screen requires you enter your Laplink Every­where User Name. Enter it in the field provided, and click Continue.
  3. The next screen will ask you to answer a secret question about your password. Type in the answer to this question and click Continue.
  4. The final screen will allow you to enter a new password. You will need to enter the new password into both the New Password and Retype New Password boxes. When you click on Continue, your Laplink Everywhere password will be changed to match the new password you just entered. Do not forget this new password or you will need to follow this proceedure again to reset it.
If you are still unable to remember your password, contact Laplink technical support for help.

Last Updated: 4/4/2005 4:37:03 PM

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