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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


Whatís new in Laplink Everywhere 4?


Almost everything! There are new features, and a completely new look and feel, but here is the short list of what is new in Laplink Everywhere 4.

LLE Host:
  • The LLE Host can be set up to automatically start and run when Windows is restarted. Setting up the host this way is useful, because the LLE host will be set to run as a default, so remembering to launch the host each time you plan to connect wonít be necessary.
  • The LLE Host can also be set to start as a service. This is useful because it allows the user to access the remote PC, even if the PC is not logged into Windows.
Remote Control:
LLE 4 now supports 3 different Remote Control methods:
  1. Remote Desktop- LLE Remote Desktop uses Windows RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), and is only available in on PCís running:
    • Windows XP, with Remote Desktop Protocol enabled (optional setting during LLE setup on Windows XP.)
    • Windows 2000-2003 Server Edition with terminal services installed and enabled
  2. Remote Control 4- LLE Remote Control 4 is available on PCís running Win98 or later. The Remote Control 4 is automatically installed during LLE installation.
  3. Laplink Secure VNC- Laplink Secure VNC is a remote control option used primarily when connecting in non-Windows platforms.
In this entirely new section, here are some of the main new features.
  • Remote Desktop Search allows you to search your remote desktop for files or emails as easily as if you were sitting at your computer. Simply enter the text, and click the Search Desktop button. Remote Desktop Search via LLE allows you to not only perform a remote desktop search from any browser, but also allows you to select and send files. The files are sent directly from your remote PC to the recipient, leaving no footprint from the PC you are connecting from, and wasting no time downloading the file to your current PC, then sending it off to the recipient.
  • Internet Favorites Save a favorite on your computer, but canít remember what itís called? LLE gives you access to all your Internet favorites, so you have full access to your sites while away from the office.
Using LLE with a PIM:
LLE also works with most PIMís. It is very easy to use; just log on to the internet on your PIM, and go to, and log in as you would from your desktop.
LLE supports all Palm, Pocket PC, SmartPhone or other PIM devices that use the following operating systems:
  • Palm OS 5.2.1 or later
  • Pocket PC 2000, 2002 or 2003.
You can read and reply to email, search for files, use remote desktop search, check and change calendar events, and more. Imagine searching your office PC for a file, finding it and sending it on to a colleague, all from your PIM as you wait to board a flight. If your PIM has internet access, then you have full access to your desk using LLE, and the power to send emails and files as well.
For more on using LLE with your PIM, go to the Email and PIM section of the LLE User Guide.

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