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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


I lost my remote control password, or it doesn’t seem to be working anymore. What can I do?


Remote Control 4: On your Host computer (the one you are connecting to), open Laplink Everywhere by double-clicking on the Laplink Everywhere icon in the System Tray (down by the clock), click on the Settings button (left side), and click on the Security Options tab. You will see the username in the Remote Control 4 section. If you do not know the password, you can enter a new one into the New Password and Confirm New Password fields.
NOTE: The Username for Remote Control 4 is Case Sensitive. You must match the exact case of both the Username and the Password in order to establish a Remote Control 4 connection.

Remote Desktop: your user name and password are identical to your current user name and password for logging into Windows. For instance, even if you originally set up Remote Desktop with a different user name and password, your current user name and password will work.
NOTE: You will not be able to establish a Remote Desktop connection if you do not have a password assigned to your Windows username (IE: When you turn on the computer, it boots directly to the desktop without asking you to log in).

Laplink Secure VNC: On your host machine, double-click on the Laplink Secure VNC icon in the System Tray (down by the clock) and type a new password into the password field.

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