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Laplink Everywhere - FAQ's


What measures do you take to protect my personal information?


At Laplink, we understand and respect your concerns about privacy. Our corporate security policy is so important to us that we include a policy overview in every employee’s orientation. Access to our customer database is restricted to only those employees who have a specific need for access to that data to do their job. And even then, access to the customer data is password protected. Each quarter, we review and update our Web security. In addition to safeguarding the privacy of any information you give us as you visit our site, Laplink has entered into partnerships with other companies that care just as deeply about your privacy concerns. Laplink Software, Inc does not handle financial transactions via the Web, so it has no need for streaming encryption products. Laplink works with a third party, Element 5, to serve as a trusted intermediary to handle e-commerce transactions with our customers. Element 5 handles e-commerce on a secure server which encrypts all of our customers? personal information. To learn more about how Element 5 manages the privacy of information in conjunction with these e-commerce transactions, please see their complete privacy statement.

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