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Laplink Gold 12 - FAQ's


How to I configure Laplink Gold to allow some users write access to a folder and other users to only be able to read files from that folder?


Laplink Gold does not have the ability to moderate whether a user has read or write access to a given folder. The following work around will allow you to do this:
  1. Share out the folder in question on the host computer and only allow read permissions for the share
  2. Map a drive from the host computer to this share
  3. In Laplink Gold's Log-In List configuration, Deny the limited user access to the folder and allow them to access the mapped drive.
The limited users will now use the mapped driver to access the shared folder. Windows will not allow them to write files to this folder via the mapped drive. Since the SuperUser has access to the folder itself, they can write files directly to the folder and so bypass the restrictions placed on the mapped drive.

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