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Laplink Gold 12 - FAQ's


How do I use Laplink Internet with a proxy server?


If you are attempting to connect to Laplink Internet (either as a host or a guest), are behind a proxy server that is using NTLM authentication, and your computer is not joined to the domain, then you may not be able to connect to Laplink Internet.

When you are not joined to the domain, Laplink Gold 12 will pass your current username & password. This will not match domain credentials that are required by the proxy server so the connection will not work.

The following registry keys will allow you to specify different information for Laplink Gold 12 to supply to the proxy server. You will need to create the keys if they are not already present:
All keys are in the following directory: HKEY_Current_User\Software\Laplink\Laplink Gold

UseKey nameType
Proxy server address:proxy serverString value
Proxy server port:proxy portDword decimal format
Username: proxy userString value
Password:proxy pwString value

Once you have the appropriate information in each of the above keys, then launch Laplink Gold 12. When you get the message about the computer not being registered with Laplink Internet, click Yes.
You should now be prompted for username & password. Enter your domain username & password. If it asks for the information again, re-enter the same information until you get to the Laplink Internet account creations page or you get a Page Cannot be Displayed error. If you do get the Page Cannot Be Displayed error, press F5 or click the Refresh button in Internet Explorer and try again.

Note: In our lab tests of the above, we were prompted for username & password 3 times before the Page Cannot be Displayed, and then 3 more times after refreshing before we were able to get to the Laplink Internet account creation page.

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