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Laplink Gold 12 - FAQ's


What is Laplink Internet and how do I use it?


Laplink Internet is a simple and secure way of connecting Laplink Gold 12 computers over the Internet, giving you complete access to your computer from virtually anywhere without the need to do any special configuration of most firewalls or routers.

In order to take advantage of the Laplink Internet service you must have the following:
  1. An established Laplink Internet account that is registered to each PC you wish to access. See FAQ 207: How do I set up a Laplink Internet Account?
  2. An active Internet connection on both ends.
  3. The Laplink Gold 12 software installed on both ends.
Once you have verified that you meet these requirements, connecting is a simple two-step process. On the Guest computer click on Laplink Internet in the shortcut bar under Connect Over. A Laplink Internet Logon window will appear. Type in your Laplink Internet username and password. You can also create an address book entry for the connection to make connecting even simpler.

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