Laplink Gold 11.5 - FAQ's

General Questions

  • I purchased the boxed version of Laplink Gold 11.5 and a driver cd (USB 2.0 Host to Host Link Adapter Product Driver) was included in the box. Do I need to use this?
  • Which features of Laplink Gold work over the Internet?
  • Where do I find my activation key?
  • What does LapLink Gold 11.5 do?
  • How does Laplink Gold's automatic synchronization compare to simple drag-and-drop folder copying from another computer?
  • How does the Firewall Support service work?
  • What is a quick summary of all the features and services in LapLink Gold?
  • Can I connect to an earlier version of LapLink with LapLink Gold 11.5?
  • Will LapLink Gold 11.5 run on my new Windows XP computer?
  • How many times can I install LapLink Gold 11.5?
  • If I upgrade from an older version of Windows to Windows XP, can I install LapLink Gold 11.5?
  • What's New in LapLink Gold 11.5?
  • Which other versions of Microsoft Windows does LapLink Gold 11.5 support?
  • How do LapLink Gold's features compare to similar features found in Windows XP?
  • How does LapLink Gold compare to Internet browser-based remote control services?
  • What are the security options in Laplink Gold for remote control or transferring files?
  • If I upgrade from Windows NT to Windows 2000, can I install LapLink Gold 11.5?
  • If I upgrade to Windows Millennium, will I need to uninstall LapLink Gold 11.5?
  • I have Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Can LapLink Gold 11.5 be installed on this operating system?
  • How does the new LapLink Everywhere* service work?
  • What are my options for connecting two computers together?
  • How can I reach Technical Support?
  • The purchase of LapLink Gold 11.5 includes 1 complimentary scheduled support call (1 hr maximum) available by appointment only.

    How Do I...

  • I keep copies of my important files in many places. How can I keep them all up-to-date?
  • How can I make sure that files I've already deleted aren't recreated when I synchronize that computer with another PC?
  • How do I activate my LapLink Gold 11.5 product?

    Cable Connection Questions

  • How do I connect two computers together with cables?
  • Can I use any USB cable to make my USB connection?
  • Will the USB cable released with LapLink 2000 work with LapLink Gold?

    Network Connection Questions

  • Can I use an "always on" connection to the Internet (DSL, Cable Modem) with Laplink Gold?

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