Laplink Gold 12 - FAQ's

General Questions

  • The package for the cable says I need to download a driver because I have Windows 98SE, but I can't find the driver on your website.
  • What is the difference between Remote Desktop and Remote Control in Laplink Gold?
  • Norton/Symantec Anti-virus detects laplink.exe as a virus.
  • Error message: "This program has been damaged, possibly by a bad sector of the hard drive or a virus. Please reinstall it."
  • Anti-virus application detects Laplink application (Laplink Gold, FileMover, PCsync) as a virus.
  • What do I have to do when I upgrade from LapLink Gold 11.5 to Laplink Gold 12 so I can use the Laplink Gold USB 1.1 or IOGEAR Silver USB 2.0 cable?
  • My activation key does not work and I cannot activate my product. What do I do?
  • My Laplink Gold host computer has already been assigned to a Laplink Internet account. How do I assign my Laplink Gold host computer to a different Laplink Internet account?
  • What happened to the “Connect Over Laplink Everywhere” option?

    How Do I...

  • How do I enable Remote Desktop
  • How to I configure Laplink Gold to allow some users write access to a folder and other users to only be able to read files from that folder?
  • How do I activate my LapLink Gold 12 product?

    Network Connection Questions

  • Can I do Variable Port Allocation?

    Laplink Internet

  • What is Laplink Internet and how do I use it?
  • How do I use Laplink Internet with a proxy server?
  • How do I remove a computer from my Laplink Internet account?
  • How do I renew my Laplink Internet subscription?
  • How does Laplink Internet work?
  • I forgot my Laplink Internet password. What do I do?
  • What is the difference between Laplink Everywhere and Laplink Internet?
  • Why do I have to create an account to use Laplink Internet when I already have a Laplink Everywhere account?

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